Rebuild Bohol: Bohol earthquake disaster response


Use this great fund-matching opportunity to help more of our less fortunate fellow Filipinos! Donate to Habitat’s Bohol Earthquake and experience, not only the joy of giving, but also the satisfaction of knowing your money will enable Habitat to build more twice as many homes. Join us in fulfilling our vision of a Philippines where every Filipino has a decent home. Please donate now and REBUILD BOHOL!

REBUILD BOHOL, is Habitat for Humanity’s housing program in Bohol which aims to rebuild hard-hit areas and build new homes for families affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It has continued to raise funds and seek the support of groups and individuals in building a better future for the Filipinos. We partnered with Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to provide permanent, earthquake-resilient housing for nearly 6,000 families across 17 towns in the province.

Sample Design – Wire Mesh

Lightweight steel frame on concrete foundation with welded wire mesh (instead of bamboo). Hip roof + 26-30 degrees roof pitch + 18 inches roof overhang for better wind  resistance. Full cement clad, jalousie windows, painted, with toilet. 

UPDATE as of July 1, 2015


  • 1,569 units completed
  • 1,469 units ongoing construction
  • Not started: 2,087 units

Other Interventions

•Coca-Cola WatSan – COMPLETE
Maribojoc: 2,000 families served

Tubigon: 500 families served

ONGOING: Sevilla and Inabanga
•Ongoing construction of 4 classrooms and 1 health center
•Loboc: ongoing house repair (status: validation of beneficiaries)
•2 classrooms constructed


Story: Worth the wait

Seventy-nine-year old Honorata Ilaya has gone through a lot.

She was married twice, raised seven children by herself. Her eldest son died in an accident decades ago and only one of her six remaining children sends her an allowance of P1,500 a month. But that is not enough, so she still has to to find any means of paid labour, even with her retirable age.


Honorata used to live in a small house in the middle of a field in the village of Sagbayan Sur in Sagbayan town, Bohol. That was before a 7.2-magnitude earthquake — the strongest one in recent history — all but decimated the island province in October 2013. Only one wall and the roof were left standing… the rest, reduced to rubble.

She moved to a small tent made of wooden poles and tarpaulins just a few steps away. Honorata lived there for nearly a year.

Thankfully, much-needed help arrived. Early this year, Honorata was chosen as one of the recipients of Habitat for Humanity’s housing program in Bohol. The organization partnered with the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to provide permanent, earthquake-resilient housing for nearly 6,000 families across 17 towns in the province.

Construction of Honorata’s new home began in her backyard on the third week of September this year. The flexible structure, made of reinforced steel frames and tightly-woven bamboo strips plastered with concrete, is meant to endure strong earthquakes. Honorata personally gathered, stripped and cured the bamboo strips as her labor contribution to the building. See more here 

Several ways to help families affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol:

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2. Send your donation through bank deposit, see bank details below: 

Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Inc. 
BPI (Peso Account): 2421-0014-24 
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Metrobank Account: 7166-5204-59 
BDO Account: 7428-0016-55 
China bank Account: 3270-0188-16

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