Aditi Rao Hydari Builds for 'Habitat'


London, Paris, New York ... Habitat! I'm supporting Habitat India's Youth BUILD campaign. Get involved ... donate, volunteer, share!

Across Asia, more than five-hundred (500) million people live in slums, lacking safe and decent homes, making them very vulnerable to disasters. In India alone, 40 million families lack adequate housing, 108 million dwellings are temporary or dilapidated and 60% of our population lives in inhuman conditions.

I believe that everyone in the world should have a decent place to call home, where a family can live in healthier surroundings, where their children can study and play. To me, a home is security, family and a space to pursue my dreams. Most of us are fortunate to go to sleep each night in homes that are considered comfortable and secure. We need to remember those who do not enjoy such comforts; we need to make a stand for affordable housing as a basic human right.

I am proud to join Habitat for Humanity and take a stand for decent homes. It’s time we all say no to poverty housing.

As Habitat Youth BUILD’s brand ambassador, I’d like to especially invite all the youth present here tonight, to join me in promoting Habitat for Humanity’s Youth BUILD campaign that spans five countries in Asia-Pacific, including China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Together we can lend a helping hand to our neighbors across Asia.

You can participate in the campaign by creating a supporter page on Join millions of young Habitat for Humanity volunteers who are using their social and digital networks to raise funds and draw attention to the dire housing situation in the Asia-Pacific region.


Komal Jasmine Subba , Donated 1,000.00 INR , 15/03/12 at 2:04 PM

Dave, I'm ready to help... :)