Habitat Cyclone Phailin Disaster Response


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Cyclone Phailin Disaster Response

Impact of Cyclone Phailin

Initial assessments of the damage caused by cyclone Phailin, indicate that over 235,000 homes and 5,000 hectares of  crop land were destroyed.  Almost 9 million people have been affected and over 1 million have displaced on account of  the cyclone.

Ganjam, Puri, Jagatsingpur and Kendrapada districts in Odisha  as well as Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam districts in Andhra Pradesh were the most severely affected by the disaster. Certain areas in Srikakulam district such as Eachapuram, Kavithi, Mandasa, V.Kotturu and Sompetta were the worst hit. The affected families comprise agricultural and daily-wage laborers who have lost their homes and all their belongings.

Habitat Disaster Response

Habitat for Humanity India will provide 10,000 Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs) to affected families to help them re-build their homes. These items protect people from external conditions such as rain, wind, dust, diseases etc. that would otherwise impact their health. Additionally, immediate relief efforts enhance a disaster affected family’s security, privacy, dignity and livelihood.


Emergency Shelter Kits: Emergency Shelter Kits contain tarpaulin sheets, blankets, jerry-cans, buckets, Bamboo poles, and rope and hand tools. These tools will help the families to repair or convert distributed materials into physical structures to save their lives or to have privacy till durable housing solutions are derived. (Read more about the need for emergency shelter kits)

Hygiene Kits: This will benefit the families whose houses are partially damaged due to flood water, sludge and wastes. With the help of the Hygiene kits they can remove the sludge and disinfect using the chlorine powder and other disinfectants. The Hygiene kits consists of mosquito nets, hand tools, bucket, chlorine powder and Chlorine tablets.

Habitat will work in affected villages in Ganjam and Srikakulam Districts including Rongeiluna, Chikiti and  Chhatrapur, Ganjam.


Composition of  shelter repair kits

Tarpaulin 1 piece (180 sq ft)
Hammer 1 piece
Plastic mortar/Pan1 piece
Nails0.3 kilos
Hoe1 piece
Rope20 meters
Torch/solar light1 piece
Bamboo Poles12 pieces
Bucket/Container1 piece
Shovel1 piece
Personal protective gear: blankets, gloves mats as required1 set
Total Cost per Kit$100.00 (6,300 INR)


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