Blue Sky Build 2012 - HFH China Volunteers


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After the success of the first BLUE SKY BUILD in 2010, Habitat for Humanity Mongolia is once again bringing together corporations, individuals and partner organizations to build homes with local families in need.  In July, volunteers from all over the world will join together to shine a light on the scourge of substandard housing and demonstrate what can be accomplished when families, communities and nations come together to build a future where every man, woman and child has a decent place to live.

BLUE SKY BUILD 2012 emphasizes building environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes. Structures are designed take less wood to build. More importantly, the homes use less fossil fuels to keep warm in the harsh Mongolian winters. That means reduced carbon and toxic emissions. And families can use money saved on fuel bills for better food, better clothes, better schooling, better medicines.

From 1st to 7th July 2012, volunteers will join families to build 20 energy-efficient houses in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Immediately after celebrating the completion of the homes, volunteers can join the celebrations for the Naadam holidays, the country’ nationwide midsummer festival of wrestling, horse racing and archery.

The BLUE SKY BUILD 2012 will also mark a milestone in Habitat for Humanity Mongolia’s mbitious campaign to support the building of 1,000 more homes in three years.


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