Habitat Youth BUILD 2014 a Success!

We aim to build 500
By raising 500,000 USD
and registering heart 100,000 Volunteers

More than 800,000 people took part in Habitat Youth BUILD activities. Spread across 11 countries in Asia, young people took action, raised money and increased awareness of the poverty housing situation in the region.

In Nepal, hundreds of thousands of young people marched to major squares in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur in Nepal, for a rally. Comedian Sitaram Kattel, singer Nirnaya Shrestha, youth activist Santosh Shah, actress Reecha Sharma and TV personality Prem Baniya have been supporting the campaign for months, using their popularity to draw attention to Nepal’s housing deficit.

In Cambodia, 1,200 volunteers worked alongside rapper and artist Pou Khlaing to help build homes and develop a new community for families currently living on a dumpsite in Phnom Penh. Five thousand students also took part in events to raise awareness across the country.

In the Philippines, 6,000 volunteers spread across five locations to clear land and build homes, supporting families affected by recent natural disasters. Additional assistance came from basketball player Chris Tiu, actor Cesar Montano, and model and TV personality Anna Maris Igpit.

In Bangladesh, more than 125 volunteers built homes for seven families in Savar, and international school students worked on building a house in Sarawak, Malaysia. In South Korea, volunteers tidied and improved neighborhoods, and developed a social media app so local volunteers could send messages to Habitat Youth BUILD volunteers in other countries. More than 1,000 volunteers built homes across four sites in India. 

A flash mob in Jakarta, Indonesia, drew huge crowds and participants. Habitat for Humanity Indonesia the support of Whulandary Herman, Miss Indonesia 2013, and ran an online photo competition asking entrants to visually express what a home means to them.

In Japan, more than 200 student volunteers secured donations from over 1,000 people on the streets of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Oita. Yet more people participated in a workshop in Tōhoku, to discuss continued support for families affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami – particularly those still living in temporary shelters. 

Musical duo Scrubb led the way in Thailand in April, as 500 people amassed to clean and paint a community center in Bangkok, and wrapped up the day with a mini concert.

Two volunteer groups also built homes in April, in Guangdong and Zhejiang, China, helping 56 low-income families. Yet more supporters donated, raising over 230,000 US dollars. Model Kelly Fu, singer and actress Stephy Tang, singers Siufay and Vivian Chan, and Olympic diving gold medalist Hu Jia added star power to the build events and helped raise awareness of the issue of poverty housing.

Also join the Habitat Youth BUILD Facebook group – facebook.com/groups/habitatyouthbuild.  The Facebook group is also the best source for latest Habitat Youth BUILD news.

This campaign is now over, find other ways to help.

The multi-country Habitat Youth BUILD 2014 kicks off in February 2014 and builds up to a mass event on 3 May 2014 on dozens of build sites, supporting up to 500 families.

What is Habitat for Humanity Youth BUILD?

Habitat for Humanity Youth BUILD 2014 is a movement to raise awareness of the poverty housing situation in the Asia-Pacific region and grow support for the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. It calls for concerned young people to take action together to build homes and communities, on a Habitat build site and online through their social networks starting 12 February 2014.

Mark the date – 3 May 2014 – and join 100,000 young people taking part in simultaneous builds across Asia-Pacific or get online to join other supporters supporting the campaign. Play a part. Take action. Share the message with friends and family.

Why is Habitat for Humanity organizing Habitat Youth BUILD?

Habitat Youth BUILD gives young people in the Asia-Pacific region an avenue to say no to substandard housing. Habitat for Humanity hopes to expand its supporter base of young people in the Asia-Pacific region through physical and virtual activities.

This year, 11 Asian countries will be engaging young Habitat supporters in our movement to raise awareness and funds to fight poverty housing in the Asia-Pacific region. Habitat Youth BUILD 2014 calls young people to play a part, to take action, and to share their commitment for the campaign.

Who should participate in Habitat Youth BUILD?

Habitat for Humanity is looking for energetic, passionate young people who share the vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live. These are young people who will reach out to their network of family and friends in support of Habitat’s vision – a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Young people, celebrities and corporate volunteers can all play a role in Habitat Youth BUILD, whether by volunteering to build or fundraising or showing support online.

Why should I participate in Habitat Youth BUILD?

The need for shelter that is safe and affordable is very real in the Asia-Pacific region. The United Nations estimates more than 500 million people in the Asia- Pacific region live in slums, representing more than half of the world’s slum dwellers. Habitat Youth BUILD is your opportunity to show solidarity with Habitat’s cause, say no to inadequate housing, and have a tangible impact on the world.

How can I get involved in Habitat Youth BUILD?

There are several ways to get involved in Habitat Youth BUILD:

-  Become a volunteer and build
Donate your time and register to volunteer at one of the simultaneous builds taking place on 3 May 2014. Invite your family and friends to support you by raising funds in the lead-up to the event.

-  Support by raising funds 
You can create a fundraising page in support of Habitat Youth BUILD. Check out some creative ways you can help Habitat raise the funds to make Habitat Youth BUILD a success, even if you are unable to join as on a build site. You can also raise funds offline. Click here to find out more.

-  Make a donation to someone you know 
If you know someone with a fundraising page, enter their name in the search box to find their page, or ask them for their fundraising page URL. Alternatively, you can browse supporters on our project pages. 

-  Show your solidarity online 
Show your support online by sharing Habitat Youth BUILD information and news via your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Join the Habitat Youth BUILD Facebook group. Follow twitter updates with #HabitatYouthBuild. Donate and fundraise on Give2Habitat.org. Help us rally support by spreading the word and generating awareness for Habitat Youth BUILD.

Who is paying for Habitat Youth BUILD?

Habitat for Humanity relies on the financial support of corporate sponsors and our online peer-to-peer fundraising initiative – Give2Habitat.org – to make Habitat Youth BUILD a success. Individuals and groups can participate in peer-to-peer fundraising by setting up a support page at Give2Habitat.org

Who is supporting Habitat Youth BUILD?

Young volunteers in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, as well as several regional and local celebrities and high-profile personalities.

What happened at last year’s Habitat Youth BUILD?

Last year's event saw millions of people reached online, more than 100,000 volunteers taking action, working on 436 houses in seven countries, raising over US$660,000 and helping more than 700 low-income families. Find out more. Habitat for Humanity's Youth BUILD 2014 campaign aims to be bigger and better.


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